Affinity Veterinary Cremations

Although we wish it was under better circumstances, we would like to welcome you to Affinity, a place where your pet can rest easy. A place where your heart can remain calm, knowing that your pet is in good hands.

At Affinity, we believe all pets find solace beyond this world and watch over their owners from the great beyond. We also know what an important role pets play in our lives... they truly are a part of our family. So we strive to show your furry family members the utmost respect after their passing.

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Memorialize your pet companion with one of our many ornamental urn options.


Keepsake Urns

Our Keepsake urns let you carry your pet companion with you even after they have passed.


Handcrafted Mementoes

The handcrafted items below

Paw Prints

Clay Paw Prints are available for purchase with or without a frame.

They are made with an air dried clay and will take approximately 5 weeks to be completed


Pet Tributes

There is a multitude of ways to memorialize your pet companion. The jewelry we carry can be crafted with your pets whiskers, hair, or ashes.